The Anatomy of a (Honest) Sales Page - Free Download

I don’t know about you, but sales pages can be hard to read sometimes. We've all been there, it's hard to write a sales page that communicates the value that you offer in a genuine and honest way.

Have you ever been on sales page where they start telling you that they are going to solve ALL your life problems? You’ll make a ton of money by doing absolutely nothing, put your business on auto-pilot, find Mr. Right and, in the end, you’ll wind up on a beach in a hammock living the life of your dreams?! The best part? It only costs you $1,999! Face palm. Nothing is worse than reading a sales page that makes you feel like you've just fallen off the back of a turnip truck. This happens when entrepreneurs start overcompensating and/or exaggerating to the point that the truth gets left behind.

This can happen for many reasons. It's hard to find the balance between communicating value in a fun and enthusiastic way and keeping it real. Everyone wants honesty and pragmatism. If a business can solve one problem in someone's life, in a really elegant and realistic way, that is great. We're all tired of being sold a dream so that we can contribute to someone else’s. We just want practical, honest solutions to real problems that make our lives better. Every business has something unique to offer. When you care about your customers and want to help them in a genuine way, amazing things happen in your business. We all just want to be cared for and respected.Let’s get real. If you struggle with writing sales pages the trick is just to be clear, honest and concise.

If you’ve put in the time to make a product or service great, then all you have to do is communicate that value and awesomeness so that your customer knows if it’s right for them. You don’t need to exaggerate, fear monger, forge scarcity or hype things up.

So, here’s my gift to you. A simple (free) cheat sheet so that you can write your next sales page quickly and easily.

I hope that it helps you take the sting out of your next sales page.

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