Brand Personality

Let's talk about personality. The personality of your brand is expressed throughout all of your communications whether you are intentional about it or not. It comes through in your voice, the tone of your voice (your attitude) and the choice of words that you use to express your ideas. Your personality speaks volumes about what it would be like to work with you. It lets people know who you authentically are and what you value. We all want to connect with and do business with the right people. People who understand where we are coming from and who care about the things that are important to us. By honing in on your brand personality and letting it shine, you can make sure that your communications are a magnet to your dream clients.

The Difference Between Voice & Tone

Voice: Your brand voice is consistent. It’s your style and point of view.

Are you casual or formal?Do you use slang?Do you have your own recognizable words like fave, brilliantsphere etc.?

Tone: Is specific to your messaging. It’s your attitude, and can change depending on the type of message being conveyed.

Are you sarcastic?Super friendly?Cutely funny?Direct and brash?When you set out to write copy for your business, think about your brand personality. How can you use your voice consistently? How can you incorporate new words and phrases that express the tone/attitude of your brand?Have fun with it! Brainstorm words and phrases that express your brand personality. This can form a grab bag of ideas on those days when you just can’t seem to find the right words. Tune into what makes your brand special and unique. The most memorable brands are the ones who express their personality even when it’s not everyones cup of tea. (In fact that is a good thing but more on that next time.)

Four signs that you may need to get clear on your brand personality?

1) You’re finding it really hard to write your website copy.

2) You struggle to post on social media.

3) You're having difficulties connecting with your ideal clients.

4) You're starting to bore yourself.

Don’t let the above happen to you. Use your voice, express yourself!

Your ideal clients will thank you for it.

*Voice & Tone Definitions from a great article over here at GatherContent.