Communicate Clearly

Use creativity to enhance your message not overshadow it. Let your visuals and your written word guide people fluidly to where you want them to go.

Design affects outcomes. Use Wisely.

Before your express yourself you need to know yourself. Who are you? What do you want to achieve? These are pivotal questions to answer before the design process begins. Like the old adage goes: An ounce of pre-framing is worth a pound of re-framing.

Do the work in the beginning. Be honest.

Excavate the stories from your life and let them become the real-life narrative that frames your work.

Stories have bonded human beings for millennia. Stories spread like wildfire. Let your vision inform your expression.

What do you want to see more of in the world? No matter what, we are always adding more of something to the world. What do you want that to be?

Design creates connection.

Colour, typography, love letters, layouts, websites, pixels, photography…It's all about expression and connection. We are in a dialogue with the world.

Find the congruence between who you are, what you do best, and the people to whom you will be of the highest service, and you've got the best business plan you could ever have.

People have hearts. Passion is contagious. However trite it may sound, less truly is more. Distill things down to the essentials and let the impact be felt.

Simplicity creates sacred space in our minds.

When it comes time to market yourself, remember that you have an incredible amount to give to this world. You have one life (as far we we know) and for this sole reason alone, your time here is incredibly valuable. Don't sell yourself short.

To your unbridled success,