How To Get Inspired

Running your own business can be a fantastic way to keep yourself challenged and engaged. However, with hard work and long hours it can be challenging to stay feeling inspired and creative. So, how do you harness inspiration? How do you learn to create more of it when you need it? Here are a few simple practices that I use regularly to keep me in the creative flow.

1) Set The Stage

Everyone has unique environmental conditions in which they feel at their best. Some of us need organization to think properly, and others are happily fueled by chaos. Whatever your ideal environment, take a few minutes to set yourself up. I like to gather all the tools that I may need and clear my space of clutter.  Plants near my desk absorb some of the computer radiation and make me feel more connected to nature. I drink my Matcha tea and I am ready.

2) Show Up

Cultivate Mindfulness. When you're about to work on something it can be helpful to check in with yourself and set an intention for the time block ahead. Being fully present with an idea, concept or problem can allow you to go deeper with it and ultimately to produce better work. Muses come to those who are ready. Be present.

3) Focus

Give yourself the gift of focus. I say 'gift' because I have found that it truly is a gift. We all know we have a million things on the to-do list. Write them down and then let them be. For this moment, allow yourself the space to create. Maybe its 30 minutes. Maybe its a full day. How ever long you have to devote to creating something, commit to it and let everything else wait. I have found that multitasking is a really great way to master mediocrity. Creation is seduced by focus. Go for it guilt free.

4) Engage

Creative work comes through engagement. Once you know what problem needs to be solved. Get started. Dive in before its completely thought out. We create by engaging with what is in front of us not by over analyzing it. Critique can come later. When we trust the process, we soon allow inspiration to flow through us. Get the wheels turning and you'll soon be on a role!

5) Dance!

Everyone deserves a dance break! Whenever I am blocked and feel like I am all out of ideas, I know its time to move! Crank the tunes and move your body. Stretch. Touch your toes. Try a yoga pose. Whatever feels good to you! Let movement bring you out of your head and into the body. Before you know it you are back in business.

This is one of the most enjoyable and powerful tools you can use to stay inspired.I'd love to hear how you stay inspired? What do you do to jump start your creativity? What gets you in the mood?

Leave a comment below or on facebook and I'll talk to you soon!