Hey, I’m Brooke. I’m a designer and brand strategist.

I love simple, modern design, flat fields of color, matching my clients to that perfect typeface and the satisfaction that comes from making every detail count.

Since founding See/Saw in 2010, I’ve worked diligently with my clients to design brands that are unique, memorable and timeless.

As a (mostly) one-woman show, I collaborate with a talented network of creative professionals to ensure bespoke and project excellence.

My international clientele have included tech start-ups, creative entrepreneurs (interior designers, architects, artisanal distilleries), adventure travel companies, best-selling authors, coaches and wellness professionals and many other inspiring entrepreneurs.

If I could find a common thread that would tie all of my favorite clients together, it would be that they have a genuine passion for the work that they do and that they want their work to contribute to something larger than themselves.

If you care about social entrepreneurship, dynamic creativity and have high ethical standards – then I love you already.

You see, I believe that it’s both a love of good design and having values in common that will determine whether or not we will work well together.

For me, it’s honesty, creativity, integrity, collaboration and kindness that light the way. When I show up to a project with those values and I am met with a client that does the same, it’s fireworks.

If you’re interested in working with me, let’s have tea, dive into a complimentary design briefing session and find out if we’re a good match. I look forward to meeting you!

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P.S. I’m typically booked 2-3 months in advance. Please get in touch for a consultation early so I can be sure to schedule your project.

“I run my company according to feminine principles – of caring, making intuitive decisions, not getting hung up on hierarchy, having a sense of work as being part of your life not separate from it, putting your labour where your love is and being responsible to the world in how you use your profits.”

Anita Roddick

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